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Latino Institutional Chaplaincy Certificate

Latino Institutional Chaplaincy Certificate



Latino Community Leadership Certificate

The program: The Institute of Leadership an Ministry (INLIMI) of the University of Leadership and Ministry (UNILIMI) has launched a local church-driven program to develop a Latino Institutional Chaplaincy Certificate Program to train chaplains in the Latino communities, to bring about community transformation. This project will operate with strategically selected individuals to serve in the different institutional ministries in the communities. This will be a 24 unit/credits program. It is expected that the student finishes the program in one year. If further down the road, the student wants to enroll in the Diploma in Leadership and Ministry of UNILIMI all credits approved at this Certificate Program can be transferred to the Diploma in Leadership and Ministry.  

Educational Needs of Hispanic Communities: While the United States has experienced increased immigration from Africa, China, Korea and the Philippines, the Latino/a population has exploded. High levels of immigration and high birth rates have combined to make Latinos the nation’s biggest minority group, comprising 17 percent of the U.S. population in 2012. (Today -January 2018- the Latino population is over 18 % of the U.S population. A 2013 Pew Research Center report on Hispanic growth trends indicates that half (52%) of the counties with the highest Latina/o population are in three states—California, Texas and Florida. 

Latino Protestant General Characteristics: Pew Research has noted that Evangelicalism stands as the predominant orientation among Protestants and those Evangelicals outnumber Mainline Protestants by a three-to-one ratio. It has also to be said the majority of evangelical are Pentecostal and Charismatics. Consequently, the Institute of Leadership and Ministry (INLIMI) of UNILIMI is well positioned to serve as a Latino educational institution to training leaders for serving and strengthening the Latino communities. In addition, Pew notes that “about half of Latino evangelical Protestants (55%) participate in Bible study groups at least once a week.” This concern for studying the Bible gives access to INLIMI, its students, its faculty, and its programs to have a positive effect on local Hispanic churches and their pastors. 

Content of the Training Program:

1.Chaplaincy Ministry (CM): This curricular component seeks to provide basic chaplaincy tools to those the participants interested in voluntary community chaplaincy ministries. 

  • CM Introduction to Chaplaincy (3 Credits)

  • CM 256 Ethical and Legal Foundations for Chaplaincy (3 Credits)

2. Human Development (HD): This area of the curriculum will place emphasis on understanding the dynamics of human development. 

  • HD 240 Human Growth and Transformation (3 credits)

  • HD 242 Human Sexuality (3 credits)

3. The Dynamics of Pastoral Counseling (PM): This curricular component is geared to offer skills for basic pastoral counseling skills. (Any two of these) 

  • PM 310 Foundations for Pastoral Counseling to Latinos (3 credits)

  • PM 336 Pastoral Intervention in Crisis Situation (3 credits)

  • PM 342 Counseling for Grief and Loss (3 credits)

4. Community Leadership (CL): This curricular component provides the tools that will help form leaders who will seek leadership positions in the community. 

  • CL 220Community Service Ministries (3 credits)

  • CL 222 Conflict Ministry (3 credits)

Total unit/Credits for the program= 30 Credits